Song to a lady in the shadow

​Experimental feature film filmed in Super 8 and 16mm
Genre: Documentary essay
Duration: 100min
Direction and script: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Cast: Alicia González and Padi Padilla
Editing: Anna Pfaff
Sound design: Alejandra Molina
Music: Carles Mestre
File Images: ALMU

Produced by Cornelius Films and Carolina Astudillo, with associated production by EUROM and Wendy Espinal. With the support of the ICAA (Cinematographic and Audiovisual Arts Institute) and the collaboration of the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the Mentoring L'Alternativa program.

After fighting on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War, a man goes into exile in France.

His wife and children are waiting for him in a Catalan village. This Penelope is neither courted by suitors, nor remains at home undoing at night the weaving she had done during the day. She has started working in a factory to support her family. These are times of scarcity, inflation and unemployment.

He writes her numerous letters. She reads them to her children by candlelight.

With the outbreak of World War II, he joins the French labor companies. The Nazi advance involves the capture of thousands of prisoners, whose final destination will be the death camps.

The years pass and he does not return home. His wife has stopped receiving his letters and does not know what could have happened to him.


A Greek chorus tells stories of other women who, like the protagonist, started a new life when the war began. Penelopes who did not succumb to the loom trap and the impassive wait.