Can Gardell


Genre: fiction

20 minutes

Directed by: Florencia Aliberti and Sílvia Subirós

Written by: Florencia Aliberti and Sílvia Subirós

Music: Eloi el bon noi

With the support of ICAA (Spanish Ministry of Culture) and ICEC (Catalan Ministry of Culture). Selected by Dones Visuals for their program Acció Curts (2017).


For generations, the Gardell family has been devoted to a life working the land. They live "old-style" as tenant farmers in a homestead that seems stuck in time. The sudden death of the grandfather Joan, head of the family, threatens the stability of the Gardell household. They will have to find alternatives to the agricultural work that has sustained them until now. Tomàs and his wife Maria decide to dabble into the growing trend of rural tourism. Inspired by a neighbouring house, a restored "masia" that succeeds in attracting tourism, the couple will try their best to transform their house into a bed and breakfast, where they patiently wait for guests to arrive.

Can Gardell is a fictional story with real characters in the context of their everyday life. A likely fiction that portrays a form of rural life that no longer seems to fit our modern times.