La Dignitat-252.jpg

Short fiction film

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 19 min.

Direction: David Gozàlez

Screenplay: David Gozàlez

Cinematography: Alberto Borque

Edition: Marta Forné AMMAC, David Gonzàlez 
Sound: Nacho Ybarra, Enrique G. Bermejo 
Artistic direction:: Evelin Hernández 
Cast: Lluïsa Castell, Quim Àvila, Carlota Olcina 

Produced by Cornelius Films in collaboration with DMD-cat, COIB, ICEC i Aj. de L'Hospitalet.

Maria and her son Jesus leave the house. They have left Josep alone. They can't return until noon, so they'll have to spend the morning pretending it's a day like any other.