Frontera is the first Spanish fiction film to emerge from the cooperation between prisoners and professionals in the audiovisual sector, shot entirely inside the Quatre Camins prison (Barcelona, Spain).


This film was driven by Cornelius Films and transFORMAS, an entity dedicated to the formation and artistic creation in the contexts of deprivation of liberty.


Frontera develops in the margins of social drama, which allows us to approach the complex reality of life in prison in a tone close to the documentary but without renouncing the dynamics of fiction.


In this video, we’ll bring you closer to what this experience meant for both the people involved, inside and outside of this prison center.


Feature Film

Genre: Drama

78 min.

Directed by: Manuel Pérez

Written by: Carles Vidal and Manuel Pérez


Produced by Cornelius Films and Transformas in collaboration with Televisió de Catalunya.



A theater group is rehearsing a version of "12 Angry Men” when suddenly they're interrupted by an alarm. Inside the prison, this signal indicates the isolation of the modules. The theater group, consisting of six prisoners and eight visitors, will remain in quarantine due to an unknown epidemic. The lack of information and fear of contagion will test their strength and forever change their lives.


The individual versus the group, guilty or innocent?

Festivals and awards

  • Best Director - Malaga Film Festival (ZonaZine) (2013), Spain.

  • Best Leading Actor - Malaga Film Festival (ZonaZine)(2013), Spain.

  • Best Cinematography - Festival de cine español de Tolouse (Official Section) (2013), France.

  • Best Soundtrack - Festival Internacional de Costa Rica (Official Section) (2013), Costa Rica.

  • Zagreb Human Rights international film festival (2014), Croatia.

  • London Spanish Film Festival (2013), UK.

  • Istanbul Crime and Punishment International Film Festival (2013), Turkey.

  • Festival de cine de Madrid (New Filmmakers Platform) (2013), Spain.

  • Festival de cine Camino de Santiago (Official Section) (2013), Spain.
    Fascurt Festival (Special Section from short to feature) (2013), Spain.


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