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Men's Cooking

Experimental feature

Gender: Found footage

90 min aprox.

Directed by: Sílvia Subirós

Written by: Sílvia Subirós y Flor Aliberti

Music: Eloi el bon noi

With the support of ICAA (Instituto Cinematográfico y de las Artes Audiovisuales) and the collaboration of Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Kitchens have always been a domestic territory typically associated with women. However, as the culinary world professionalized –and thus entered the public sphere – it didn’t leave a lot of room for female cooks. From history books to reality shows, from royal courts to the great nouvelle cuisine chefs, male names have always taken the spotlight.

Through an autobiographical story and the exploration of archive material from different times and places, the director begins with her family’s history (a line of chefs from the Alt Empordà that determined the evolution of traditional Catalan cuisine) to convey a critical and acid analysis of global culinary tradition and the invisibilization of the role of women.