"Frontera" wins 2 awards in the ZonaZine section at Festival de Málaga

Festival de Málaga 2013, poster.

EL PERIÓDICO attended in November to shooting of the film, which takes place entirely in Quatre Camins prison.

Some of the best professionals in the business in Spain film have gathered on the red carpet of the Malaga Film Festival. Amid so many familiar faces, was the team from the feature 'Frontera', shot entirely in Quatre Camins prison, a film that involved both prisoners and film professionals. Last night, 'Frontera' received two awards at the ZonaZine section: best director for Manuel Pérez and best actor for Christian Dolz. What the jury did not know, and that's why his films are nowhere to be found, is that Christian Dolz is one of Quatre Camins inmates who participated in the project.

EL PERIÓDICO attended in November to shooting of the film, part of a training project and artistic production in Catalan prisons which in turn is included in a European network of projects in other prisons. One of the challenges, and hence the prizes are a major achievement, is that the story was conditioned to happen entirely inside the prison, 14 characters in one same space. In 'Frontera', a group of six prisoners and eight visitors are rehearsing a play when suddenly the sirens go off. Thus, in the film, prisoners appear as prisoners but not as themselves. The film addresses the boundaries between people. The film can be seen in June in Marseille, where the film crew will arrive with two Biznagas under its belt.

Frontera. Set de grabación.

Inmates from prison Quatre Camins filming 'Frontera'



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