Mironins gets MEDIA support for development

Presented at Cartoon Forum 2016, 'Mironins' by Cornelius Films, just got € 60,000 from MEDIA support for Development - Single Project. Also participating in this animated series are Wuji House, Peekaboo Animation, Miró Foundation and the Polish company Grupa Smacznego.

'Mironins' (26 × 7) is a slapstick comedy without dialogue for children between 4 and 7 years old. The Mironins are droplets of paint of different colors; six creatures that live in the paintings of Joan Miró, the Catalan painter who excelled in surrealism. At night, when the exhibition closes its doors and there are no visitors, the Mironins come out of the paintings to live exciting and somewhat surreal adventures, full of humor and fantasy, in which creativity will be tested. Mikel Mas, CEO of Cornelius Films, and Celia Rico Clavellino, screenwriter of the series, head the project that Peekaboo Animation manages in international markets.

In addition to Mironins, other projects that have obtained support are 'The Memets', another original animation by Ester Vincent and presented by the Belgian company Walking the Dog, and the documentary 'The Lost Generation' by Bettina Walter Productions.

In this call, the MEDIA program of Creative Europe has supported 67 projects of the 437 applicants for a total amount of 2,730,000 euros. The list of beneficiaries is available on this link.

According to the MEDIA Office in Spain, "the line of support for development of single projects has as main objective co-financing the development of European audiovisual works, in particular films and television works, such as works of fiction, documentaries, children's films or Animation, as well as interactive works, and video games."

Link: http://www.audiovisual451.com/mironins-consigue-la-ayuda-media-al-desarrollo/


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