Mironins shortlisted for co-production in RTVE’s 2016 call for children's animation series

Six projects have been shortlisted for co-production in RTVE’s the call for children's animation series in 2016: 'Bradley and bee', from Tomavistas production company; Arait Multimedia’s 'Me and Snowy'; 'Tin & Tan', by Mago Producciones; 'Puerto Papel' by Zumbastico Studios; 'Colorics' by Ampa Studio and KD Producciones; and 'Mironins', by 'Cornelius Films'.

It was announced on Friday December 23rd by the Corporation that out of the 19 projects that had been received from different Spanish producers on May 17 these 6 had been pre-selected for co-production for animation series.

It was clarified that these six have been selected after an analysis of the candidates and added that pre-selection does not imply automatic participation, which "must take shape after the relevant negotiations and once the hiring processes of RTVE have been succesfuly completed”.

RTVE also explained that it has valued the "originality, competitiveness and innovation" of the projects presented, as well as the "specially recommended" initiatives for children. They have been partial to “Series designed to educate through entertainment and entertain educating, as well as cross media potential for new screens," they added.

Link: http://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20161223/412834277455/rtve-preselecciona-seis-proyectos-en-la-convocatoria-2016-de-series-de-animacion-infantil-para-coproduccion.html


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