Mironins has been selected to participate in Annecy’s 2017 Mifa Pitches

We’ll be presenting the Mironins in the Transmedia category to show the different sides that comprise the project: the animation series, the interactive game, the augmented reality app, the book "Mironins, a book to play And learn with Joan Miró " and Mironins Art Lab.

The Mifa Pitches is an event designed to present original projects in the early stages of development that are still in search of co-production, distribution or financing; and to encourage collaboration among the assistants, through these public pitch sessions, that can contribute to bring them to its completion. Mironins is among the over 30 projects selected to appear in these pitch sessions in different categories.

This June 16th, we will be showing the different sides to this multiplatform project with which we want to encourage children to live amazing adventures with the Mironins while learning artistic concepts in a new and fun way.

In addition to the Mironins TV series, we’ll be presenting the augmented reality app which will give children the opportunity to visit the Joan Miró Foundation and discover the artist's work with the Mironins themselves; an interactive game linked to the adventures in each episode that will inspire children and encourage the development of their imagination; and a program of workshops of fine arts called "Mironins Art Lab" that will allow kids to experiment with different artistic techniques. Finally, we’ll remind that Mironins is already a reality through the book "Mironins, a book to play and learn with Joan Miró", which inspired the series and the different sides of the project, and has been translated into 5 languages ​​and has sold more Of 10,000 copies.

Link: https://www.annecy.org/programme:emifa


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